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Specialty: Neurologist

University Affiliation: University of Saskatchewan

Movement Disorder Clinic Saskatoon

Room 1663 Royal University Hospital

103 Hospital Drive

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 0W8

Other Clinic

Movement Disorder Clinic Regina

Phone Number                                     306-966-8007

        FAX Number                                        306-966-8030

    Clinic / Centre Resourses:


        1) Marianne Ewanishin

        2) Theresa Shirley

        3) Charlotte Filipchuk

      Services Offered

    This is a general Movement Disorder Clinic dedicated to patient Care

      Areas of interest:




      Group Memberships:

        Parkinson's Study Group, The Movememt Diisorder Society

      Basic Science Research is ongoing

        Chemical analasys of Brain Autopsy Materials

      Ongoing Clinical Studies


        Please contact the clinic for further information