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Specialty: Neurologist

University Affiliation: Mc Gill University

Movement Disorder Clinic Montreal General Hospital

1650 Cedar Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1A4

Phone Number                                     514-934-8058

FAX Number                                         514-934-8265


Movement Disorder Clinic Montreal Neurologic Institute

Clinic / Centre Resourses:


        Lucy Lachance

        Catherine Forbes

Services Offered

    This is a general Movement Disorder Clinic dedicated to patient Care

      Areas of interest:

        Parkinsons disease and Dystonia

      Ongoing Clinical Studies

        Effect of L-dopa on Homocysteine levels.

        REMBD as an early marker of parkinsonism

        Sources of variation in the severity of Parkinson's Disease

        Risk Factors in Parkinson's, related to early life factors.

        Please contact the clinic for further information

      Functional Neurosurgery is offered

      Transplantation is not offered at this time