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Specialty: Neurologist

Unité des  troubles du movement A-Barbeau

Hôtel-Dieu, CHUM

3840, rue St-Urbain #7561

Montréal, Québec  H2W 1T8

Phone Number                                     514-766-2010

FAX Number                                         514-888-4050

    Clinic / Centre Resourses:


        Marie Josie Fortin

        Jeanie Hall


        Abbas Sadikot


        Sylvie Trepaniér

    Services Offered

    This is a general Movement Disorder Clinic dedicated to patient Care

      Areas of interest:




        Restless Leg Syndrome

        Tardive Syndromes

      Group Memberships:

      Parkinsons Study Group

      Ongoing Clinical Studies

        Riluzole in de novo Parkinsons Disease

        Riluzole in stable treated Parkinsons Disease

        Early vs Late L-Dopa Treatment

        PATCH a Dopamine Agonist in a transdermal patch

        PROGENI a recruitment of sib pairs for genetic study

        Please contact the clinic for further information

      Functional Neurosurgery is offered

      Transplantation is not offered at this time