Member Practice Profile

Specialty: Neurologist

University Affiliation: University of Manitoba

Movement Disorder Clinic Deer Lodge Centre

200 Woodlawn Street

Winnipeg Manitoba, R3J 2H7

Phone Number                                     204-940-8400

FAX Number                                         204-9408414

    Clinic / Centre Resourses:


        Shaun Hobson, Renee Krcek, Joanne Malenko

      Social Worker

        Sandra Funk


        Jerry Krcek


        Marshall Wilkinson


        Andrea Kilgour,

    Services Offered

    This is a general Movement Disorder Clinic dedicated to patient care

      Areas of interest:

        Parkinsons, Huntingtons, Tourettes, Dystonia, Tremor

        Restless Leg Syndrome, Botox Injections

      Group Memberships:

        Huntingtons Study Group

      Ongoing Clinical Studies

        Myobloc (Botulinum type B) for Cervical Dystonia

        1 Neuroprotective trials in Parkinson's Disease

        A therapeutic trial of a treatment for Dementia in Parkinson's Disease.

        Please contact the clinic for further information

      Functional Neurosurgery is  offered

      Transplantation is not offered at this time