Member Practice Profile

Specialty: Neurologist

University Affiliation: University of Toronto

University Clinic

Movement Disorders Clinic

Toronto Western Hospital - Western Division

MP7-421, McLaughlin Pavilion

399 Bathurst Street

 Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2S8

Phone Number                                     416-603-6422s

        FAX Number                                        416-603-5004

    Clinic / Centre Resourses:


        Anthony Lang                    Janis Miyasaki                   Robert Chen                       Elena Moro

        Connie Marras

      Neurosurgeon: Andres Lozano

      Neurophysiologist           Neuropsychologist

    Services Offered

    General Movement Disorder Clinic

      Parkinson's Disease   / Dystonia  /  Chorea   /  Restless Leg Syndrome

    Botulinum Toxin Clinic

     Basic Science Research


        Molecular Biology

    Movement Disorder Fellowship Offered

    Group Memberships:

        Parkinson Study Group

    Ongoing Clinical Studies

      Nove Pharmacologicl therapies for Parkinsons and other movement disorders

      Please contact the clinic for further information

    Functional Neurosurgery is offered