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About this web site

This site provides contact information about Canadian specialists in the field of Movement Disorders and the centers in Canada dedicated to the care of patients and families affected by these disorders. It is a starting point to access information about movement disorders including web resources, national organizations, and support service

Dystonia - Canadian (DMRF)
Dystonia - American (DMRF)
Huntington's Disease
Huntington Disease Drug Works
Huntington Society of Canada
Huntington Society of America
Huntington Disease Association UK
European HD Network
HDYO  - HD Youth Organization
Young People with Huntington's
Caregiver / Partner Supports
Northwest Parkinson Foundation HD BUZZ
Clinical Trials for Movement Disorders
Parkinson's UK
Other Movement Disorders
APDA - Young Onset PD Site Driving Decisions
APDA - Young Onset Webcasts
Parkinson Disease News Sites

         Canadian Guidelines on         Parkinson's Disease

Atypical Parkinsonisms
Multiple System Atrophy
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
Dementia with Lewy Bodies
Cortical Basal Syndrome
Advanced Life Planning


Information contained in this Web Site and it's links are intended to educate patients and caregivers about their condition, and to allow them to access useful information about movement disorders on the "Information Highway".    It is not intended to provide treatment or replace care by a licensed, qualified physician.  If you intend to act on any information found, this should only be done after consultation with your physician.


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