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 Parkinson Society Canada

4211 Yonge Street, Suite 316
Toronto, Ontario M2P 2A9
TEL: 1- 800-565-3000
FAX: (416) 227-9600

For Information on the SUPERWALK Fundraising event near your community go to:

Parkinson Society of Ottawa-Carleton, Canada

Parkinson Support Group of Sudbury Ontario

[email protected]


Parkinson's Disease

American Parkinson Disease Association

Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc.

National Parkinson Foundation

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The Parkinson's Alliance


People Living with Parkinson's


Parkinson's Books and Pamphlets

From Rage To Courage,  by Michel Monnot, 1988

Publisher: St. Denis  Press

P.O. Box 442 Northfield, Minnesota 55057

Living Well with  Parkinson's - An Inspirational, Informative Guide for Parkinsonians and Their Loved Ones,  by Atwood & Hunnewell, 1991

Publisher: John Wiley  & Sons, Inc.

605 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10158

Parkinson's - A Patient's  View, by Sidney Dorros, 1989

Publisher: Seven  Locks Press, Inc.

P.O. Box 72

Cabin John, MD 20818

Caring for the Parkinson  Patient, A Practical Guide,

edited by J. Thomas  Hutton, MD, PhD and Raye Lynne  Dippel, PhD, 1989

Publisher: Prometheus Books

700 East Amherst Street

Buffalo, New York 14215

Parkinson's Disease - A  Guide for Patient and Family

 by Dr. Roger C.  Duvoisin, 1991

Publisher: Raven  Press

1185 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10036

Parkinson's Disease -  Taking Charge

 by Susan Calne, 1991

Publisher: University Hospital

University of British Columbia

2211 Wesbrook Mall

Vancouver, BC

V6T 2B5

Parkinson's - A Personal  Story of Acceptance

 by Sandi Gordon, 1992

Publisher: Branden  Publishing Company, Inc.

17 Station Street

Box 843 Brookline Village

Parkinson's Disease -  One Step at a Time; Problems and Answers for Patients and Health Professionals, by  Grimes, Gray, Grimes, 1989

Publisher: Parkinson's Society of Ottawa-Carleton

Ottawa Civic Hospital

1053 Carling Avenue

Ottawa, ON   K1Y 4E9

Parkinson's Disease -  The Complete Guide for Patients and Caregivers, by  Abraham N. Lieberman, M.D. and  Frank L. Williams

Publisher: Fireside

Simon  & Schuster Building

Rockefeller Centre

1230 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10020

The Comprehensive  Management of Parkinson's Disease, edited by

Matthew B.  Stern, MD and Howard I.  Hurtig, MD

Publisher: PMA  Publishing Corp.

The Parkinson's Challenge  - A Beginner's Guide to a Good Life in the Slow Lane ,  by Jan Peter Stern, July, 1991

Publisher: DMS  Publishers

P.O. Box 1817

Santa Monica, CA 90406

The Parkinson's Handbook,  by Dwight C. McGoon, MD, 1990


Publisher: W.W.  Norton & Company, Inc.

500 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10110

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