MDC-DLC Patient Tools

This is a web page for Parkinson Patients attending the

Movement Disorder Clinic Deer Lodge

to be able to review or print materials used in their care.

Pre Appointment Parkinson Problem Profile

This questionnaire should be completed in the week prior to your next follow up appointment.

PD Daily Diary

This tool can be completed over a few days prior to your follow up appointment if your medication response is not even through the day.

Information on Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)

This is a fact sheet on low blood pressure in Parkinson's disease and treatment options that need to be discussed with your MD.

AMA's "Am I a Safe Driver"

This is a checklist of potential red flags for risk while driving, If any of the items on the list apply to you then driving may be putting you at risk and modifications to your driving may be needed.

Patient and Caregiver Educational Materials

 This is a guide from The American Medical Association for older divers and their families to assist in making decisions and adapting to changing driving skills.















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