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Additional  Dyskinesias

In addition to the many topic headings linked to on the main page, there are many other less common / rare conditions that can be associated with differing movement disorders (including a variety of dyskinesias).  

Fortunately with advances in research including advances in genetics, new syndromes and specific disorders are being described quite frequently. This website is a good starting point but there other web sites with more disease specific information.

Many links are provided throughout this site to assist in further exploration of topics.

The sites added below were added at the request of visitors to the site

 ADCY5 Related Dyskinesia

 Adenylate cyclase 5 related dyskinesia

Presents with  onset in childhood, with a mixed movement disorder with chorea, myoclonus, and dystonia often with facial involvement (myokymia), with fluctuations in severity.

Autosomal Dominant

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