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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials to investigate the effect and hopefully prove the safety and effectiveness of new treatment strategies are imperative to advance the care of patients with Movement Disorders. Without patients to agree to volunteer for such trials these investigational trials are impossible. Other research may explore other aspects of the conditions and are not necessarily treatment trials.

Below are links to some web resources providing additional information regarding research trials.

See Also the link on this CMDG web site on Parkinson's Disease News

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General Movement Disorders

US - NIH Data Base of trials search page

Type in the disorder (eg Dystonia) that you are interested in.


Parkinson's Disease

Fox Trial Finder

A site to search for Parkinson's Disease trials and the centers involved in the trials.


This site also allows trial centers as well as patients to register to try to match patients with appropriate study centers.

Parkinson Disease Trials


Huntington's Disease

Canadian HD trials

Huntington Study Group Trials 

CHDI - Cure Huntington's Disease Initiative

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