The Canadian Movement Disorder Group
CMDG Bylaws


Duties of the President:

    1) Be the main contact for the CMDG in matters pertaining to this Canadian organization (eg Media, Government Organizations, Inquiries re research opportunities involving the group).

    2) Be the contact person in regard to our affiliation with the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation, including organizing any requested involvement of the Movement Disorder Group in the Federation's annual meeting agenda.

    3) Organizing and chairing a CMDG annual meeting (typically held in conjunction with the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation annual meeting) to review policies, review the groups objectives, treasurer's report and any business arising.

    4) Be responsible for calling for nominations.

    5) Fulfill the duties of the secretary if none is in place

Duties of the Secretary:

    1) Assisting the president regarding nominations and elections, and in regard to other issues that may arise.

    2) Documenting events at the annual meeting.

    3) Maintaining the membership list.

    4) Communicating results of elections to the membership.

    5) Take over from the president should they not be able to complete their term.

Executive: Every 2 years there will be a turn over in the executive. A "Call for Nominations" is to be sent out to the membership list in the month of September of even numbered years.  Nominations for both the position of secretary and president need to be filled. When a secretary is already in place, that individual will move into the president position without further voting required and only the position of the next secretary needs to be nominated for. Once a nomination list is available voting by E-mail will occur. The results will be communicated to the group by the current secretary.

Membership: Requests for membership application forms can be received by contacting the secretary of the group or sent to the Web Author. Membership is available to qualified specialists in the movement disorder field who Practice in Canada.


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